TORN's interior architecture is a combination of big city luxury and Scandinavian minimalism. Together, they leave a unique and timeless impression. In the penthouse, you can indulge your fantasies by using the finishing materials of your choice. In order to make things easier for you, we have assembled five different interior decoration packages -- each of which has its own distinctive mood, color scheme, and texture.

Premium 1
As dusky as the star-spangled night sky. A tasteful combination that brings together classic and more modern, minimalist interior design trends.
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Premium 2
Moonstone Pearl
As pure as the fluffiest of clouds. An interior finishing in light, minimalist tones full of nuance for those with a more classical taste.
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Standard 1
Rose qwartz
As delicate as the sky before the wind blows through it. An interior finishing in airy pastel tones with fine details for the trendy romantic.
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Standard 2
As fresh as the lightest blue sky. Rustic flooring combined with lighter tones for those who appreciate all things natural.
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Standard 3
As playful as the Northern Lights. Bold contrasts and deep tones brought together in one interior finishing package for strong personalities.
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