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New phase launched
The brand new energy class A homes now for sale!

A limited collection of exclusive townhouses and commercial spaces at an iconic Volta factory building

The reconstruction of a historic factory building dating back to 1912. Paying homage to the industrial architecture, vast airy glass surfaces will be added. The building will feature 3-5-room private townhouses and commercial spaces with multi level layouts, soaring ceiling heights and exquisite arched windows. Each one beautifully considered and thoughtfully designed by renowned architects, interior designers and a visionary developer.

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6,4 m ceilings and chequered arched windows

The interiors at Volta Gallery Lofts get their distinctive look from the soaring double height ceilings and dramatic 5 m tall black chequered windows . These homes exaggerate the feeling of space and maximise light and liveability.

An exceptional landscaped courtyard with private terraces

The unique courtyard is designed inside of the former factory building, thanks to which an authentic limestone wall with arched windows will provide extra privacy at the back of the courtyard. Each of the townhouses will feature a private terrace as well as a personal landscaped yard area of almost 100 sqm.

Move in ready

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    Start of construction

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  • August

    Topping out

  • IV quarter

    Move in ready

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Characterful commercial premises


In addition to new homes, a selection of unique commercial premises, varying from of 19-300 sqm, can be found in Volta Gallery Lofts, each one exactly as individualistic as your business. Stunning floor-to-ceiling display windows, ultra high ceilings, multi-level layouts, great visibility and accessibility directly from the street level, and a quarter with nearly 3,000 inhabitants create the preconditions for your success. The commercial units are suitable for both service and trade, a stylish showroom or why not just a very awesome studio or home office.

Volta Galerii loftid

Register your interest for commercial units

We have a wide range of commercial spaces and small investment units available for sale at the Volta quarter. Register your interest and bring your business to the fastest developing area in the city

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Charged with new energy

Converting industrial architecture into residential and commercial spaces is always a challenge. If a historic building can be complemented with modern elements and the interior design is not too limited, the result is special and loaded with exciting contrasts, combining both old and new. Considering the distinctive form of the building and the use of limestone, we have framed and highlighted it with light and airy additions. Continuing with similar materials and details in the new parts,  in the new part with the details and materials characteristic of the old, a complete symbiosis is crated, charged with new energy.

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