Gallery: Endover changing the silhouette of Tallinn with new high-rises - Endover

Gallery: Endover changing the silhouette of Tallinn with new high-rises

In addition to the already completed high-rise, Endover is set to build two additional 18-storey tower buildings across from the Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre, which will add 169 apartments and 2062 m2 of commercial space to the Tallinn real estate market. The buildings that will change the traditional silhouette of Tallinn will be completed next summer.

‘With the development of Rocca Towers, a large quantity of unique residential and commercial real estate will be added to Tallinn, and the current sales numbers show strong demand among both home buyers and investors. At the start of construction, 40% of the space in the second tower had already been sold, with transaction prices reaching EUR 4500 per square metre, which is significant for Haabersti,’ said Robert Laud, Member of the Management Board of Endover. ‘Located on the 17th and 18th floors of the new high-rises are luxurious penthouse apartments with a two-storey layout and spectacular views. The height of these ceilings is up to 5.9 metres and the highest transaction price so far has been over EUR 700,000. New commercial premises are located on the lower floors, something that is lacking today in this important node within Tallinn.’

A total of 332 apartments, 4000 m2 of commercial space and 253 parking spaces will be built in the Rocca Towers Quarter. The first two buildings were completed at the beginning of 2021, two 18-storey high-rises will be completed in the summer of 2022, and the fourth high-rise will be completed in 2023. The total development volume of the quarter is 41,181 m².

According to the developer, opportunities will be created in the comprehensively planned quarter, which remain relatively uncommon in Estonia, but are widespread in other parts of the world. ‘On the roof of both multi-storey car parks are green recreation areas and playgrounds for children, created for use by both homes and commercial premises. The scenery, landscaping, lighting and cycle and pedestrian tracks around the quarter have been thoughtfully designed, a pedestrian tunnel leads from the quarter directly to the Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre and the bus stop taking you to the City Centre,’ said Robert Laud.

The Rocca Towers Quarter, comprised of a total of four modern residential towers, two large multi-storey car parks and a smaller apartment building, is located next to the new Haabersti viaduct, surrounded by retail space, sports clubs, family health centres, schools, kindergartens and an excellent transport connection. The floor-to-ceiling corner windows of the apartments offer views of the sea, Harku Lake, the greenery of the Tallinn Zoo and Kakumäe, and the panorama of the Old Town, which will remain there in the future, as the Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre and the zoo will remain a low-rise area.

‘With Endover, we are also entering the commercial space market on a larger scale than before. With Rocca Towers we are creating commercial space opportunities at a node with some of the busiest traffic in Tallinn and which serves to connect different city districts,’ said Robert Laud. ‘Offices and, for example, medical institutions, beauty service providers and commercial companies, are expressing interest in the premises. Rocca Towers is developing into a Work and Home micro-quarter, something that is commonplace throughout the world, where both homes and commercial premises – as well as the services and commerce necessary for the daily life of residents – are located together,’ added Laud.

According to the CEO of Endover, a growing trend and potential can also be seen in Estonia when it comes to quarters connecting homes and businesses, which also received a boost from the corona era. ‘People are increasingly understanding the convenience, flexibility and time-saving nature of this concept. The trend has also been growing among companies to own their operating space, not just rent, and this is once again being viewed as more of an investment.

Robert Laud, CEO of Endover

Top architect Rasmus Tamme, who is also the architect behind the high-rises in the Maakri Quarter, together with ARS Projekt, created the facade for the buildings, where the decor emphasizes the vertical form and the wave-shaped glass balconies and large glass surfaces add airiness to the seaside buildings. The Rocca Towers buildings have formal lobbies with high ceilings, and the building’s highly rated thermal and soundproof windows offer impressive panoramic views thanks to the large corner windows. Apartment plans have been created by renowned interior architect Aet Piel. With construction of the buildings, the main contractor, Metropol Ehitus, is providing employment to nearly 400 people.

The highest point in Rocca Towers’ second and third buildings is located 70 metres above sea level, and the new tower buildings have 2–4 room apartments with specially shaped glass balconies, ranging in size from 32–164 m2 with an average price of EUR 3500 per m2. The towers have a direct connection to 3-storey enclosed multi-storey car parks, on which a green recreation area and a children’s playground will be built. Commercial premises and offices with a size of 32-1000 m² are located on the first floors of the buildings.

Today, Endover’s portfolio includes seven high-rise buildings in Haabersti and North Tallinn, two of which have been completed, two of which are under construction, and three of which are in the planning phase.