Endover, the first real estate company to start online sales, has already completed 30 transactions online - Endover

Endover, the first real estate company to start online sales, has already completed 30 transactions online

November 18th 2018

According to its sales statistics, the innovative online-booking system of Estonian leading real estate developer Endover has already been used for purchasing 30 apartments and the total of 60% of all transactions in October were made online.


According to Marko Männimets, Sales Director of Endover, the first company in Estonia to start online sales of real estate, the recently launched sales solution has proven its value and people have shown great interest in quick and convenient booking opportunity. “By today, already 30 apartments have been purchased online. In the previous month, more than 60% of all transactions took place online. This is a clear sign that people have accepted the new solution!” He specified, “Online purchased of apartments have been performed under every project subject to online sales”. “Interest is shown and bookings made even with regard to the objects that are not yet on sale, where the project information is only known to pre-registered stakeholders. For example, the high-rise building Torn in Kristiine district was subject to two online-transactions within one day in early November.”


According to the estimation of Männimets, this is an ongoing trend. “Online-solution provides clients with a convenient and safe opportunity to examine and purchase an apartment whenever they wish, regardless of time and place. Figuratively speaking it is a real estate webstore, where clients can acquire suitable apartment with all available accessories. For example, it is possible to add parking lots, terraces and interior fitting packages. This is the same as meeting a sales manager at his office, but the purchase can be made either while sitting on the sofa at home or while travelling. System is interfaced with secure Payment Centre and follows all legal and security requirements established for entering into a purchase agreement.” He added that Endover has always kept up with time and intends to provide new innovative solutions. “If people choose to make more and more purchase decisions online, we have to take that in consideration as a real estate developer. For example, innovative web solution provides a good opportunity for investors who value speed and comfort and are interested in several objects at a time,” explained Männimets.


Art Lukas, the CEO of the Payment Centre agrees that e-commerce has continued its rapid growth in 2018. “People often do not recognise whether they have made a purchase in an online store or through some other channel, because ordering over the Internet has become a simple daily action. Hence, it seems increasingly inconvenient when a company sends an invoice in PDF format, data of which must then be copied to the payment order. It is natural to see the growing number of enterprises and areas where clients are provided with an opportunity to place an order by simply clicking on the logo of appropriate bank and confirm the payment in the form of accurately pre-filled payment order.”