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Ambassador – From a Stalinist school building to a modern urban palace

Overlooking Kompassi Square, the Ambassador building has had pride of place in the heart of Tallinn since 1957. Following thorough reconstruction, it will gain a new look as a modern urban palace in spring 2021.

Design work on the building at Gonsiori 9 began in 1953, in line with the prevailing architectural criteria of the time: plans were drawn up for a neoclassical building rich in rendered décor. It was designed from the outset for use by the Tallinn Pedagogical Institute, primarily as a student dormitory.

Initially approved that same year, the plans had to be redrawn in 1956 upon the death of Stalin, which led to sudden changes in many areas, architecture among them. The grand décor and ornamental elements originally planned were scaled back to something much more modest, and the interiors took on the same unadorned appearance characteristic of Stalinism. The only remnants of the original concept were the rather austere pilasters, dolomite portal and robust cornices on the side of the building facing onto Gonsiori Street.

As was typical of the period, high-quality materials which were considered dignified were used for the facade: imitation granite rendering, stone tile roofing and natural stone portals and plinth window frames. The simple décor and classicist proportions of the Gonsiori 9 building were what made its architecture both special and valuable.

The building operated as a school and dormitory until it was sold at public auction in 2015, when it was purchased by Endover Kinnisvara.

Building construction in September 2020

Construction in full swing

Following extensive demolitions, construction work on Ambassador began in earnest in August, with a crane operating on the site by the start of September. The foundations and basement level of the building have since been completed, while assembly work is ongoing. The cornerstone was laid and construction of the residential floors began in mid-October.

The historical building is being completely reconstructed – only its most valuable section, the facade overlooking Gonsiori Street, is being retained. Everything else in the building will be new, including two penthouse floors boasting a unique design.

The seven-storey building will be home to just 38 apartments, with commercial premises on the lower floors. Connected to the building will be a three-storey parking garage with a cutting-edge car lift operating between its levels.

Ambassador’s architectural design, which has been thought out to the smallest detail, was inspired by a vision to transform it into an elegant city-centre residence that will add value to the most prestigious part of Tallinn for decades to come.

Janar Blehner, arhitect

The beautiful urban apartments in the capital’s most stylish building will be completed by spring 2021. Spacious residences ranging in size from 20-200 m2 are available in the building, adding a touch of grandeur to which will be high doors and ceilings and luxurious interior finishing. The majority of the apartments come with a balcony, terrace or rooftop terrace from which you will enjoy stunning views of Kompassi Square, the winding streets and russet roofs of the Old Town and the highrises of the business district.


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