Discover the Rivieraesque charm of seaside lifestyle in mid-winter - Endover

Discover the Rivieraesque charm of seaside lifestyle in mid-winter

Modern Riviera homes will soon be built on the edge of the beautiful Haabneeme beach in Viimsi, bringing along a fragment of endless seaside vacation and the slow-living lifestyle of the stunning coastal resorts of France and Italy.

A long summer evening beside the glimmering sea or leisuring on a sandy beach in sunlight that warms the heart and soul is what life in Riviera is all about. And yet, the Rivieraesque lifestyle is not limited to just one season of the year – the coast offers plenty of pleasure and respite in the winter, too.

Life in tune with nature

Winter is a time for resting – nature is deep in slumber to be ready for a new and magnificent journey when spring arrives. We too can benefit from taking a leaf out of nature’s book and allowing ourselves a slower pace and plenty of rest, surrounded by the tranquility and quiet of winter.

Wintery Viimsi is an ideal place to take a few moments to step away from the noise and hubbub of daily life to self-reflect and emerge with a fresh look on life. Allow yourself a few precious moments of escapism – be it only for a few minutes – every single day.

The seemingly endless Haabneeme beach offers some truly exquisite and picturesque views that can only be seen in winter. Is that the white fluffy top of a lonely wave or a cloud far out in the distance? How far along the coast can the eye see while the trees are bare and nothing clouds the horizon? Which details are finally unearthed by the white stillness of the snow? Enjoy the slow-living lifestyle and the beauty and deep tranquility of winter and allow your soul to move in tune with nature.

The charm of a wintery coastline

Even asleep, nature has its pulse and breath which reveals itself in the constantly changing weather, at times rough and intense, at others calm and serene. We too need to balance rest and recreation in perfect measure throughout the year.

A walk, a picnic or a hike with your camera

When the city center is enveloped in wintery chaos with its busy streets restricted by walls of snow and sheets of ice, the coast offers a distinctly different scene: the endless coastline, the sea and the trails in the forest all full of fun activities to be enjoyed. Why not wrap yourselves up in your warmest coats and scarves and have a wintery picnic on the beach with your friends and family, enjoying hot tea and a bite to eat in fresh air and the bright wintery sun? Or grab your camera and hike through the snowy forest?

A dip in the icy sea

Those looking for a truly exhilarating experience, can try winter swimming on the snowy Haabneeme beach. It is impossible to describe the invigorating burst of energy in the body and mind that comes with submerging yourself in icy water. Winter swimming has become more and more popular over the past few years and today there are plenty of people all over Estonia who refuse to take a break from swimming in all weathers and submerge themselves all year round.

Ski trails in Viimsi

The many hiking trails in Viimsi transform into ski trails that run alongside the walking paths in the forest. Those longing for an additional adrenaline rush can visit Vimka – the local ski hill in Viimsi. It has ski lifts, gentle slopes, steep slopes and special trails for children. Vimka is the highest ski mountain in the area which offers plenty of fun and challenges to both, beginners and more experienced winter athletes. You can ski, snowboard or go tubing.

Snow kiting 

One of the most exciting winter sports available to all is snow kiting across the snowy landscape. Snow kiting makes use of the high winds of winter and offers greater speed and movement because the surface under your feet is solid and steering becomes easier than on water. You may find yourself flying across the snowy fields or frozen water without having to worry about waves or other obstacles.

Another popular winter sport is wing-surf which requires a snowboard and a “wing” to gain speed and steer the board.

Go paddle-boarding on the icy coast

When the sea is not fully covered in ice, you can take on an adventure on a paddleboard or a canoe. This sport also includes a touch of adrenaline because keeping the paddleboard or canoe afloat becomes somewhat more essential than in summer. Nevertheless, the adventure is worth it because of the strangely unique and otherworldly views that can only be accessed on the water in wintertime.


Endover is set to construct four new apartment buildings overlooking sandy beachfront in Viimsi. The complex will feature penthouses with sea views and rooftop terraces. The construction is set to begin in the first half of 2023 and the first owners will receive their keys in 2024.

Riviera homes combine the beauty and authenticity of life with the slow-living lifestyle in which enjoyment takes precedence above all else. These are homes in which you have time to live.

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