Gallery: Rocca Tower I reached its top hight - Endover

Gallery: Rocca Tower I reached its top hight

According to Robert Laud, the CEO of real estate developer Endover, the market turnover for new developments in January can be marked down as one of the largest in history – over 500 apartment units were sold. To illustrate the red hot state of the market, 70% of the newest highrise Rocca Towers has been sold. Today marks the day when the rafter was officially taken down.

Despite the challenging times, highrises are a sought-after commodity. More so, our capital’s so-called warehouse for new developments is starting to run empty and deficit is on the horizon. Offer seems to be lagging behind demand, meaning that the prices of apartements keep on rising.

Robert Laud, CEO of Endover

The decade’s first highrise in Rocca al Mare, Rocca Tower I is also on the course of success, having been sold off to clients a staggering 70%. „We believe that all of the units will be sold by the time the construction will be completed in May 2021. We are looking at the most desired location in Haabersti, offering views of the sea, lake and zoo as well as having a fast connection with downtown,“ Laud explained.

The private apartement complex Rocca Villa located in the same block was already completed early this year and the units have been handed over to the new owners. The square meter price of the of Rocca Tower I apartements start from 2300 euros with more expensive units reaching 3300 euros. „As of the early months of this year I can assure that real estate prices are at a growing trend and the buyers are very interested in new real estate. Endover also reached an all-time high in January making a historically high sales record,“ Laud confirmed. Aside from home buyers, Rocca Towers also sparks interest among businesses, medicinal and beauty services as well as IT sector being on the top of the list. In Rocca Towers will be, in fact, housing a family physician centre as well as a day spa.


Some business units for office and commercial purposes are still available.

Robert Laud, CEO of Endover

Rocca Towers

The installation of Rocca Tower I, located next to the new Haabersti overpass completing this coming May, took 15 weeks to complete: one level per week. The maximum hight of the building is 48,6 meters and merely 300 construction workers contributed in this structurally complex project. The building holds 1 to 4-room apartements ranging between 19-84 m2. The homes open up to views of the Kopli bay, Lake Harku and the Tallinn Zoo. Spacious views will also remain in the future as Rocca al Mare Centre and the zoo will maintain their low building structures.


Business units are located on the ground floor of the building. A safe residential leisure area as well as playground for children will be built on the 5th floor rooftop terrace. The 4-storey parking house is easily accessible from the residential building standing right beside it. The building itself created by architect Rasmus Tamme and developed in ARS Projekt has been given a B-energy class, triple-layered high heat and sound durability windows, heat recovery ventilation and heated flooring. The project’s general contarctor is Metropol Ehitus. In addition to Rocca Towers, Endover will be completing downtown’s most desirable new development this Spring – the elegant and luxurious apartement complex Ambassador. The highrise TORN in Kristiine and Klaussoni Kommivabrik in Kalamaja were completed in the late months of 2020.


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Photos: Kaupo Kalda, Martin Dremljuga