Gallery: A rafter party was held at Ambassador - Endover

Gallery: A rafter party was held at Ambassador

The downtown’s most highly anticipated new development Ambassador reached its top hight yesterday. Four months until full completion, a staggering 70% of the luxurious apartment building has already been sold to clients.

Despite the ever-changing times, one of Tallinn’s most luxurious apartment building in recent history, situated on the edge of downtown’s Kompass square, will be ready by April 2021. Most of the apartments have already found owners, albeit the hefty pricetag. „When it comes to luxury apartments, demand currently overweighs the offer. We’re also glad to have sold a considerable amount of business units during the Corona epidemic – only a couple of office spaces are left,“ says Robert Laud, the board member of Endover.


After long planning and extensive demolition, the new development’s construction process has been moving at quite the pace – the construction that began in August will already be completed during this year’s Spring. In order to achieve a high quality result, the once dormitory belonging to the Estonian Academy of Arts had to be almost fully demolished, but still maintaining the building’s stately facade, unto which two uniqely designed penthouses will be added during the construction. The Kompass square situated in front of the building will also be left public for all citizens.

„A traditional rafter party where the whole construction team comes together was surely not held in today’s circumstances. The wreath was taken down in the company of a fairly small group of people and the 100 + construction workers were given festive food baskets so that each and every member could still be part of this grand event,“ Laud explained.


In spite of the epidemic’s influence, the CEO of Endover is optimistic. „The current state of the real estate market is vastly recovering from the Corona crisis. The sales turnover of Endover grew during the last quarter of 2020 to the same level it was before Corona spread. We feel that people have adapted to these changing times and there is quite an amount of open money moving around which is furthermore advised to invest into real estate,“ said Laud.

The sales turnover of Endover grew during the last quarter of 2020 to the same level it was before Corona spread

Robert Laud, CEO of Endover

The new 7-storey Ambassador development will be completed with 38 apartments and commercial units situated on the ground floor. The size of the apartments vary from 18 m2 and the biggest apartment reaching up to 292 m2. A multi-leveled garage with a car lift as well as a spacious furnished lobby have been planned into the building. The apartments will be enriched with high ceilings and doors as well as elegant interior finishings. Expansive views unto the downtown highrises as well as the Old-Town open up from the  balconies and terraces.


Endover acquired this building situated at the historical Gonsiori 9 in 2015. The general contracting was executed by Metropoli Ehitus, the architect of the building was Janar Blehner from APEX Architecture bureau.


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