Volta kvartal - Volta

Volta Quarter – the most stylish seaside living and commercial district

Volta Quarter will become Tallinn´s most stylish seaside living and commercial district during the next few years. The well-maintained historical factory buildings will be given a new breath of life as well as be accompanied by a range of modern structures. The vocal point will be a finely landscaped park with an array of recreational possibilities.

The main focus of the quarter will remain on the residents – the aim is to create a wholesome living environment where you can find a well-packed grocery store as well as a health facility with a spa. A culinary street with local bakeries and cafes is envisioned inside the historical limestone building, offering a curated selection of fine tastes for the residents of the quarter as well as all gastronomes throughout the year.

The architectural handwriting of Volta Quarter is designed by Estonia´s leading architectural bureaus

Volta kvartal

The development and construction of Volta Quarter has begun! 47B Lofts were completed in the beginning of 2017 and the construction of Volta Lofts will be ready by spring 2018.

Five apartment buildings will be added to the quarter between 2019-2021, during which two landscaped park spaces where you can practice bicycle rides with your kids or have a casual picnic in will also be completed.

The construction of Tallinn´s most stylish living and commercial district will be finished in 2021, when two high-rise buildings will arise alongside the construction of the historical limestone building. So start planning that brunch.

You are invited to work and have brunch at Volta Quarter in the year 2021

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