Volta kvartal - Volta

Volta Quarter – the most stylish seaside living and commercial district

The Volta Quarter promises to become Tallinn’s most stylish seaside residential and business district within the next few years. Its well-preserved industrial buildings, so rich in history, are being granted a new lease on life, while brand new buildings are going up alongside them. Taking a central place in the quarter will be a park-like courtyard lined with trees and providing a range of recreational opportunities.

The focus of the quarter will be on its residents, guaranteeing them a living environment that has everything they need – including a bakery, a food store offering a good range of items, a kindergarten and a health centre. The vision for the quarter sees its historical limestone building being transformed into an ‘Eat Street’-style food hub surrounded by studios, design boutiques, lounges and culture clubs.

47B Lofts
Volta Lofts
Five residential buildings
Limestone building
Limestone Lofts
Highrise buildings

2017 – 47B Lofts

This building, which has been erected next to the club building of the former Volta factory, was completed in January.

2018 – Volta Lofts

Reconstruction work on this building is due for completion in the second quarter of 2018.

2019 – Five residential buildings

Another handful of apartment buildings will be constructed in the coming year, accompanied by an underground car park and green spaces.

2021 – Limestone building

This historical building will take on a new life thanks to the completion of its Eat Street and other boutique stores.

2021 – Limestone Lofts

Reconstruction work will see the completion of a number of chic lofts in the historical limestone building.

2021 – Highrise buildings

The cherry on the cake in the reinvention of the Volta Quarter will be the construction of two highrise buildings. They will feature both residential and commercial space as well as a further food store, a sports club and a cinema.

Volta kvartal

The architectural handwriting of Volta Quarter is designed by Estonia´s leading architectural bureaus

Volta kvartal

In summer 2017 many of Estonia’s leading architectural bureaus took part in the Volta Quarter competition, among them Luhse & Tuhal, ARS Projekt, AZIA and Meelis Pressi Arhitektuuribüroo. The vision of these eminent designers is shaping, under Endover’s guidance, an architectural whole that will bring added value not only to Tallinn’s urban space but also to the residents of the quarter, ensuring a dignified continuation of its more than 100 years of history.

Cooperation with landscape architects from the Tajuruum bureau will provide the quarter with a truly unique solution in terms of its green spaces. Among the many facets of its landscaped area will be flower meadows, front gardens, lawn areas for games, seminatural parkland and light-filled groves interwoven with recreational areas, adventure trails, ping pong tables and other areas for sports and exercise.

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